Monday, May 16, 2011

Walking my way to a Skinnier Me!

It's monday! Start of a new week.  Start of new goals.  I really wanted to exercise this morning, but Alexis just wanted to go outside and play.  Then it dawned on me.  Why don't we go for a walk?  I got Alexis ready and got myself ready, grabbed her stroller and away we went.  It was such a nice morning to go for a nice brisk walk.  It was a little chilly, but I dressed Alexis up nice and warm, and as for me, well it felt good because I was sweating.  It was so nice getting out in the fresh air and smelling the lilacs blossoming.  Alexis kept pointing out airplanes and they flew in the sky and telling me each kind of vehicle that came down the road.  I'm glad the weather is starting to get nicer becaue I am loving going outside for my workouts.  I'm no where near running yet, but I think a nice long and brisk walk will deffinately do the trick.  I walked the farthest yet and I couldn't believe I had the stamina to keep going.  I walked from our house which is just past 9000 south in West Jordan, down to where there is a cross walk just before the soccor field.  That is almost to 10400 south! I went all the way down and then all the way back all while maintaning a great pace and never slowing down except when we were crossing the street.   It was 1.1 mile one way! It was freaking awesome and  I feel fabulous right now!


  1. Isn't that a great feeling. You get your endorphins pumping but you also just feel good about yourself for doing something healthy! Great job! Keep it up and you will be running in no time!

  2. Thanks Chris! I would start running sooner, but because of past injuries to my knees, I am going to wait until I lose more weight so there isn't as much pressure on my knees. It feels great to just be out in the fresh air and feeling that rush of the endorphins as you push farther and farther. I love being healthy. It's a great change for once!