Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Has Been Negleted

I haven't posted anything for a while.  I've kind of been ignoring this on purpose.  I hit a rough patch with my weight loss for a while and just wasn't feeling motivated.  I know I should have written about it because maybe it would have kicked me into gear again quicker.  But things happen for a reason I guess. I'm back and feeling great!  I finally kicked off of my weight loss plateau.  When I started this journey, I weighed in at 311.7 pounds.  Yikes that's a scary number.  But after talking to some doctors, getting blood tests, and what not, I finally broke free!  I am currently down to 297.5! I hit my first goal which was to get under 300 lbs and I did it! I've really concentrated on my diet and adding in more and more exercise.  I still have bad days, but I've finally excepted that it's okay.  Bad days happen, and I know it won't be the last time.  Last week I ate like crap.  And you know what?  I felt like crap to.  Sluggish, bloated, couldn't sleep.  I kicked myself in the ass again and said to myself, if this crap food makes you feel like crap, then why are you still eating it?  The answer to that?  I'm just a glutton for punishment I guess.  Last week I weighed in a 295 lbs.  And I gained 2.5 lbs back.  But that's okay.  I'm not going to beat myself up anymore.  I'm not going to drop the weight in six months.  It didn't take me six months to put on this much weight.  It took me a few years.  And it will most likely take a couple years to get it back off.  I want to do this the right way. I want to drop the weight slowly and healthy so that my body has a chance to catch up.  I don't want to end up with bags of flabby skin because I dropped weight too fast.  I want to tone and strengthen.  I want a great body the right way! 

So today, I got up early with Alexis. We had a nice breakfast and watched a little T.V. for a while.  Then, I hooked up my Wii and fut in the Wii Fitness and started a workout.  I started out slow with some simple cardio stuff and worked my way up.  I even got Alexis to do a Wii Fit jog with me! That was the best part.  Seeing my daughter get excited by my example.  It was a major empowerment for me and it boosted my goal to finish a good, solid workout!  She is the one that keeps the fire lit within me.  I loved working out in front of her because I knew I was setting a good example of a healthy lifestyle for her.  More than anything in this world, I want for her to not have to grow up like me.  Being the fat girl.  I want to set it in her mind now that eating healthy and exercising is fun.  So I pushed through the workout.  I couldn't believe myself when I was done.  I had done a 40 minute workout.  It's the longest workout I've done to date! And you know what? I feel worn out, but not exhausted like I worked myself too hard.  I feel good and my body feels that much stronger.  I did 30 minutes of cardio, 5 minutes of balance training, and 5 minutes of strength training.  I'm sweaty and I can feel my muscles aching slightly.  But I feel I could do anything right now.  I know this is a process and like anything in life worth gaining takes time and patience and practice. 

So thanks for those of you follow this blog.  I know I haven't been faithful to you all in keeping up with my progress, but I assure you that it's going to change.  Change is good, and I will not run from it.

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  1. This is the best blog I have read in weeks! I am so glad to see your back on the wagon! Keep working hard and it will pay off!