Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 1- Completed

Well it's Friday! And I just finished my workout for today. My goal this week was to work out every day this week (not including the weekend). And I almost did it. I didn't end up working out on Thursday. And I feel bad about that. At the same time though, I do have to pat myself on the back! I did 4 workouts and that's a lot more than I have done in a very long time. It's been a difficult week as far as nutrition. Food still seems to be that enemy that I have a hard time facing. But I'm doing well. I'm drinking more water and less soda. I'm not eating as many salty foods. And I haven't eaten out at fast food this week. Baby steps after all is what I told myself. I didn't gain all of this weight overnight and I sure as hell am not losing it overnight. It's going to take time. Time to retrain my brain. 

Another positive thing is that since I started to workout this week, my daughter (who is 5) wants to workout with me. I can see how the changes I'm making in my life are affecting her life positively. That is a driving force that helps keep me going. I really don't want her to end up like me. Speaking from experience it's very difficult to grow up when you are overweight. The world is not kind to fat people. I want her to have a healthy lifestyle and just be that...Healthy. 

So I will have my rest days over the weekend, and then pick back up week 2 on Monday! Here is to a healthy life!

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