Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weigh-In Day!

So today was weigh-in day! I am always freaked out by that scale. But I know at least once a week I need to get on so I can track my progress. And I am happy to report that in a week I have lost 3.5 pounds! It's exciting to see that kind of progress. It really helps keep me motivated when I can see that what I have been changing in my lifestyle is actually working. I'm not changing everything at once and I'm not going on a diet. I'm not restricting what I can eat. I still eat a candy bar once in a while. But it's just that, once in a while. I still eat potato chips, but I take a handful instead of the whole bag. I am portioning my food out and realizing I am satisfied with the smaller portions of food. I am also cutting back the amount of soda pop I drink. I still drink it, but instead of having a 44 oz. once, even sometimes twice a day, I am drinking a 12 oz can about three times in a week. I know the way I am doing this doesn't work for everybody and that's fine. I have done so many diets throughout my life and they don't work. I can't go on a diet. I just have to slowly change my lifestyle. It certainly isn't easy but I'm doing it. Baby steps.

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