Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scales and BMI calculators, you are the weakest link! GOODBYE!

I have been feeling great!  This second week, even with some downs has actually been a lot easier than last week.  I'm starting to feel a lot stronger the more I do this.  Another strength training session down today and it feels good.  My muscles are pulsating with the joy of working out!  I've been maintaing a healthy eating pattern as well.  But I've decided some things are just not that important to me now.  The two big things are the scale, and the BMI calculator.  I don't think I'll ever be 130 lbs which is where the BMI states I should be to be a healthy normal weight.  I think I'm okay with that.  But I know that continuing to put pressure on the scale and those calculators are a waste of time and a mental breakdown waiting to happen.  I found these words from a guys blog on

"The scale and the calculator? Not helpful. Exercise, nutritious eating, and a positive attitude? Very helpful. I'm dumping the former and choosing the latter." SANDIEGOJOHN-

So I'm taking that advice.  I know that thinking about the scale and where doctors say I should be is their opinion.  I know I can still be cury, still be "plus size", and still be healthy.  So I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing and not worry so much about the scale.  I'm going to go off of how my body feels and how my body looks.  If my pants fit looser than I know I'm on the right track!

Signing off for now!

Keep up the great work those of you that are in this weight-loss battle! We can do it!

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  1. I have noticed in the past too that those weeks I didn't loose necisarily weight I still lost inches in waist and things like that you should measure yourself if you want because with toning and that you will see results!