Friday, February 11, 2011


So I know you have probably noticed that I didn't write again yesterday.  Well, I've made some realizations about my exercise routine.  I think I began to push myself too hard.  I was beginning to feel burnt out.  I had kind of a wake up call with that because I know that in the past, when I've burned myself out, I stop trying.  I feel exhausted and sore and so fatigued that I can't find the motivation to continue with what I've started.  So I'm slowing back down a bit and taking it at an easier pace.  I will continue to do my twenty minute cardio workout three times a week, but I am stopping the strength training for right now.  I'm just going to bust my ass at cardio and build myself up until I'm at thirty minutes straight.  Then I will start strength training.  The elliptical machine that I've been doing my cardio on is kind of a full body workout anyways. It allows me to do some strength training without extra effort.  I know that this might set my weight loss goal back a little bit, but I know that I need to take it at MY pace so I won't quit. 

I need to also focus more on my healthy eating habits.  I just went grocery shopping today and got a lot of great foods.  Changing eating habits is even more important to me than the exercises.  Having healthy habits is what will keep this going for long-term. And after all, that's what I'm going for.

As the poster with the kitty hanging from a tree branch says, "hang on there baby!"

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